thesign means exclusive luxury textiles for the world’s top designers and architects. The best of classic glamour, cutting edge innovation, and natural indulgence. Our collections feature some of the finest fabrics - mesmerizing sheers, immersive velvets, bold synthetics, and natural fibers with grace and integrity. Discover the play of light and shadow, captivating textures, mystery and surprise. All made with generations of craftsmanship and a relentless commitment to quality. We invite you to discover thesign.

glamour line

 • cutting edge timelessness
 • Art Deco lines, metallic tones, natural elements
 • old glamour, mystery, attitude

modern line

 • surprising mixed material and bold appliques
 • arresting contrasts, urban prints

wall street line

 • strong lines and soft edges
 • updated classics, unforgettable prints
 • understated masculine elegance

basics line

 • versatile, high quality basics in a range of neutral colors,
 • including a deep selection of natural linens and sheers
 • play of light and shadow, optical illusions
 • Wall Street meets Rodeo Drive
 • captures the aspirations

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